Walk/Run Neighborhoods in Seattle

Shout Out to Seattle’s Great Walk/Run Neighborhoods (a continuing series)

I’m starting a new series this week, with intermittent chapters to follow—it’s a celebration of places the Unstill Life Half-Fast Walk & Run Club rambles all over the city. Over the dozen years I’ve been designing routes for my group, I’ve developed a taxi driver’s knowledge of the city. I love to get us off the arterials, onto side streets so you can feel the vibe, see the architecture, dig the pocket parks, and take in Seattle’s amazing views and terrain. I also get to know a lot about the restaurants, shops, bakeries, pubs, parks, secret passageways, and other hidden gems. So let’s visit our first featured neighborhood… 

Walk Run Neighborhoods in SeattleBeacon Hill!

This is a richly diverse neighborhood with history you can see in murals, hear in music, and smell from kitchens. Prior to European arrival in the area, the Duwamish built a village at the foot of the Hill. After 1850, Beacon’s ridge was sparsely populated for decades, but eventually became home to immigrants, particularly from Japan and Italy whose farms fed Seattle. In the mid-20th century, the Hill became the setting for housing developed for Boeing workers (West of Beacon Ave) and managers (East of Beacon Ave). Adding to the cultural mix, El Centro de la Raza was built in the 1970s and drew more Chicano and Latino residents.

These days, you will smell amazing food as you roam this area. Such great restaurants! Two I love: Homer for Medi/Middle Eastern meets PNW, and a great hangout, beer & burger on a sunny evening – Perihelion Brewery. On my list for supposedly awesome tacos is Cafetal Quilombo. And if I can ever get a reservation, Musang for creative Filipino fare.

Our walking and running routes launch from a few different cafés on the Hill. The Station Café is HQ for interesting happenings and ideas. Fresh Flours has innovative baked stuff. Fable All Day is chic, from espresso to wine. And further down the hill, Flora Bakehouse will blow your mind with pastries and the stunning rooftop deck.

Two other favorite spots to shop on Beacon are Fou Lee Asian market (my champagne mango source) and Urban Feed & Market, a fantastic garden store.

BTW, if you wanna live on Beacon Hill, check out my pal Jeff Stegelman’s real estate page about it. He’s also a connoisseur of neighborhoods, but from a housing perspective. And he sometimes walks and runs with us, too 😉

Walk Run Neighborhoods in SeattleTop Things I Love about Walk/Run routes on Beacon:

  • Beautiful murals and public art
  • a few Victorian houses tucked in the north end behind PacMed
  • Jefferson Park: the views, waterpark and zip lines
  • the huge greenspace along Cheasty – who knew that was there?!
  • The Beacon Food Forest on the west side of Jeff Park
  • The mid-century houses and ornamental pruning in Lockmore
  • Rolling along the Chief Sealth Trail with Rainier views and plenty of pea patches

Thanks, Beacon Hill, for all you offer. We have so many fab routes. It just never gets old.

Be sure to check out our classes and run/walk group – we’d love to see you there!

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