Seattle’s Great Walk/Run Neighborhoods

Seattle’s Great Walk/Run Neighborhoods – The Central District

Next stop in my new series on Seattle’s great walking and running neighborhoods, we visit a place very dear to me, site of where I became a homeowner: the Central District. I was drawn to the CD because of its strong African American history and cultural influence. Having grown up in Memphis and lived in New Orleans, I missed the Black cultural influence Seattle seemed to be mostly lacking. But in the CD, grocery stores carried Zatarain’s Jambalaya. You could hear R&B and zydeco coming out of houses, and gospel from street corner churches. I was curious about how the CD became Seattle’s Black neighborhood, so I looked into the history, which is rich, and you might imagine, also problematic. Read more

older runners

What Do Older Runners Need to Know

I didn’t set out to be smart about running while old, but I’m amassing some first-hand knowledge on the topic 😉. And it turns out that one of my closely held values is Athletic Longevity. Many in my circle are people in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s who love to be outside in motion. Those that run have come to appreciate certain practices that help them in their pursuits. In that spirit, let me share with you some of those practices. Read more

Fitness Communities To Join

The Power of Community In Supporting Your Fitness: 7 Communities To Join

For a long time, I was a solo worker-outer. And I still enjoy that quite a bit, but when I started coaching and leading groups I discovered the empowering energy, inspiration and reassurance of sharing your fitness goals, struggles, and victories with others who can relate. Read more

Walk/Run Neighborhoods in Seattle

Shout Out to Seattle’s Great Walk/Run Neighborhoods (a continuing series)

I’m starting a new series this week, with intermittent chapters to follow—it’s a celebration of places the Unstill Life Half-Fast Walk & Run Club rambles all over the city. Over the dozen years I’ve been designing routes for my group, I’ve developed a taxi driver’s knowledge of the city. I love to get us off the arterials, onto side streets so you can feel the vibe, see the architecture, dig the pocket parks, and take in Seattle’s amazing views and terrain. I also get to know a lot about the restaurants, shops, bakeries, pubs, parks, secret passageways, and other hidden gems. So let’s visit our first featured neighborhood…  Read more

Benefits of Walk-Running

Benefits of Walk-Running

I’ve been extolling the walk-run method since I injured my knee two years ago. I’ve always believed in it as the ideal way for anyone to begin running or return to running. I’ve also long known of the evidence behind Olympic-runner-now-coach Jeff Galloway’s walk-run method helping veteran runners achieve time goals they couldn’t get with steady running. So, what’s the dang deal with the walk-run method? Let me tell you about it. Read more

Tips for Beginner Runners

10 Tips for Beginner Runners

Ready to start your running journey, but not sure where to begin? These tips for beginner runners, as well as walkers looking to step it up a bit, will help guide you toward success, no matter your fitness level. Read more